Call for papers: ECE & immigrant children

Early Childhood Research Quarterly – Special Issue: Call for Papers

Early Childhood Education and Immigrant Children: Promises, Perils, Cultures, and the Transition to School

Early Childhood Research Quarterly is planning to publish a special issue dedicated to the diversity of early childhood environments for young immigrant children, and implications for successful development and school transitions. …Most of the current research … has been conducted with older children and adolescents, leaving our knowledge of the development of young immigrant children (age 0-8) sorely lacking.

The deadline for manuscript submission is April 1, 2008, with a projected deadline for receipt of final revised drafts of papers accepted by October 1, 2008. Questions should be directed to Micere Keels

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  1. A useful reference for anyone considering submitting a manuscript is a Statistics Canada study “Children of immigrants: How well do they do in school“. From the StatsCan website: “Christopher Worswick assesses the academic performance of Canadian-born children of immigrant parents from 1994 to 1998 using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth. He finds that while these children are more likely to start school with less-developed reading, writing and mathematics skills than their classmates with Canadian-born parents, the gap between the two groups disappears before the end of elementary school”.

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