Gender, families and Latino immigration in Oregon, USA

Latino children make up about 15 % of the population under age 18 in the US state of Oregon. Latino births account for 20 % of the total births in Oregon.

A conference sponsored by the University of Oregon, on Gender, Families and Latino Immigration in Oregon will be held this upcoming week, May 22-23/08 in Eugene, Oregon. The conference is free and open to the public.

The conference features panels on a range of topics of interest to the Early Childhood Working Group, including: education, changes in family dynamics, immigrant indigenous women’s organizing. It also will include a community forum on Myths and Facts about Immigration: Gender, Youth, and Family Perspectives, a plenary session on Building Alliances for Immigrant Rights, and a closing keynote panel on Lessons on Gender and Families Issues among Latino Immigrant Populations in California and Oregon.

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  1. Shortly after posting this, I received a notice about a job at the U of Oregon for a Director of Diversity Education.

    For info, see the UoO HR site.

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