Call for papers: Canadian women and multiculturalism

Canadian Women’s Studies/les cahiers de la femme (cws/cf). CWS/cf’s Fall/Winter 2008 issue is committed to an exploration of women and Canadian multiculturalism. Twenty years after the Canadian Multicultural Act was passed in 1988, this journal aims to provide a space to reflect critically on the issues related to Canadian multiculturalism for the last two decades in specifically feminist terms. …

While multiculturalism is often touted as a reason to celebrate Canadian identity, our approach is premised on the understanding that multiculturalism is in fact a contentious concept. As a policy, multiculturalism is embedded within gendered-racialized discourses of national identity, that variously urge tolerance or assimilation in response to deep anxieties about the loss of national identity.

Possible topics of interest to visitors:

  • immigration policy and patriarchalization of immigrant communities/families
  • 1st generation, 2nd generation, 1.5 generation experiences
  • Québec v. federal policies (interculturalism v. multiculturalism)
  • new policies and laws, Bill C-50
  • multiculturalism and education.

For more information, contact CWS/cf by telephone: 416-736-5356 or email:

Deadline: September 30, 2008.

International Literacy Day

Sept 8th will mark International Literacy Day, established in 1965 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 2003-2013 has been declared International Literacy Decade.

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