On new shores immigrant children conference, 2012

The program for the 2012 On New Shores: Understanding Immigrant Children and Youth (ONS) conference is now available.

The theme this year is Social Support and Capital: Happiness in Immigrant Families.

The 5th ONS conference will be held October 25-26 in downtown Toronto at two venues: The Ryerson Centre for Immigration Studies (RCIS) and the Downtown Holiday Inn.

Attached is the ONS 2012 program, but here are some highlights:


Opening keynote is by Fons Van De Vijver, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, on the topic of Identity and Well-Being in Immigrants

Ethnic Identity and Acculturation of Turkish-Bulgarian Youth: Evidence from Self and Parents Reports, with R. Dimitrova, A. Chasiotis, et al., Tilburg University et al., The Netherlands

Acculturation in 3D: Psychological Assets and Liabilities of Black Jamaican Immigrants in the United States, G. Ferguson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, US

Immigrant Mothers’ Interactions with their Children’s Teachers, Mehru Ali, Ryerson University

Welcoming All Voices: Building Inclusive Parent Groups in Schools, M. Abbott, London Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership


Social Support in the Lives of Russian Immigrant and Sudanese Refugee Men as Fathers in Canada, David Este, University of Calgary

Communication Brokering in Immigrant Families: Avenues for New Research, Vappu Tyyska, Ryerson University

Social Support Systems at Play for Newcomer Youth E. Ghassemi & T. Velox, Newcomer Centre of Peel

Closing keynote is by Dr. Ross Parke, Wellesley, on Future Directions


Connecting immigrant children to the outdoors, Alka Burman, Region of Peel

Resilience of Colombian immigrant youth living in Canada, M. Cabal Garces & S. Chuang, University of Guelph

Welcoming newcomer children and families: Understanding “Three Big Ideas” – settlement, culture and readiness, Judith Colbert

Depressive symptoms of Italian immigrant children and parents, R. Dimitrova, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

When support is left behind: Experiences of lone immigrants in Canada, B. Martin, Ryerson University

Chinese adoptees in Canada: The Role of policy and parents in facilitating transnationalism, M. Symington, Ryerson University

ONS 2012 Registration form.

See highlights from the 4th ONS conference: Resilience of immigrants – Coping with stress in various cultural contexts.

Call for papers: Honour/shame related violence in Canada

Amina Jamal, Mandeep Kaur Mucina and Farrah Khan are planning a symposium and edited collection of (as posted on website of the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies at Osgoode Hall) “critical essays on “honour” related violence. The idea for this anthology emerged initially in reaction to the murder of Aqsa Parvez and the responses of various institution and communities. As other murders of young women come to light in Canada, such as Amandeep Atwal, Jassi Sidhu, Zainab, Sahar and Geeti Shafia, we find that there are limited spaces for us to mourn and reflect on the complexities of these murders.

“Often the reactions of mainstream society and the questions posed to us are the following: is violence endemic to South Asian communities? Do some religions condone “honour “based killings? Reacting to the death and to the responses, the following questions became a central focus for our work: How can we begin discussing the complexities of violence in South Asian and other racialized communities? What are some ways to do this without reinscribing colonialist assumptions that violence lives in racialized cultures? Indeed how do we talk about violence within and with our communities outside of the parameters of dominant discourse? How do we demand accountability for gendered violence within our communities without serving the interests of institutional racism, economic exploitation, Islamophobia and hetero-national imperialism”?

Submissions are welcome from academics, community workers and activists from perspectives from sociology, critical criminology, education, gender studies, law, social work, cultural studies, communication and social psychology.

Suggested topics may include but are not limited to:

Popular media, critiques and questions
Grassroots movements to address violence
The “Honour” crimes industry
Sexual and bodily rights
Community conversations, healing, resiliency
The Construction of girlhood
Counseling frameworks and supports
Experiences in newcomer and/or racialized communities
State interventions and policies i.e. immigration
Role of institutions i.e. education and social services

The Editors are also planning to hold a symposium, inviting contributors to present their papers to “critique and share some of the work that is currently happening in the Canadian context”.

Deadline for abstracts: August 10, 2012. For more information, visit the IFLS website.