The lunchbox moment: Immigrant children and food

Good piece on immigrant children’s “lunchbox” moments – when peers see their food, make judgements and comments and how this shapes immigrant children’s identity. It’s US-based, but applicable in Canada too.

From the article on

“The story of being bullied in the cafeteria for one’s lunch is so ubiquitous that it’s attained a gloss of fictionality. It’s become metonymy for the entire diaspora experience; to be a young immigrant or child of immigrants is to be bullied for your lunch, and vice versa.”

Sister2Sister Mentoring program by Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto

Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto has issued a call for immigrant women of colour to serve as mentors to work with other newcomer women against violence against women. in their Sister2Sister program.

From a recent report, NWST says “Sister2Sister is a leadership development program that is nurturing immigrant women to become advocates and peer supports in their communities for victims of gender violence and domestic abuse”.

Deadline is February 16th.

For more information, visit their site and check out their latest impact report