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This blog was first set up in the fall of 2007 as a volunteer contribution to the now defunct Canadian Coalition for Immigrant Children and Youth (CCICY).  As of November 3, 2008, the blog is a solo passion and not affiliated in any way with the CCICY. I do not receive funding – and never have – from the CCICY or any other source.

I am solely accountable for posts and links. I post on news, current issues, new initiatives, conference announcements, recent research and reports that may be of interest to others who are studying, working with or researching immigrant children/family issues. Posts do not necessarily reflect personal endorsement.

The Banner Photo

The photograph in the banner is of British immigrant children (home children) arriving in Saint John, New Brunswick, part of the child emigration scheme, 1826-1939 and represents my interest in the history of immigrant children in Canada. It is used with permission from Library and Archives Canada.

The Links Section

immigrantchildren.ca will only link to other Canadian sites from a Canadian perspective.

Contact Me

Z Sonia Worotynec, MA Immigration and Settlement Studies ~ zs dot worotynec at utoronto dot ca.


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