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11th National Metropolis Conference, Calgary, March 19-22/09

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

The 11th annual National Metropolis Conference will be held in Calgary, March 19-22, 2009. A Call for Proposals has been issued.

Deadline is October 1, 2008.

See the Prairie Metropolis Centre website for more information.

Canadian Council on Refugees spring consultation to focus on children

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

The Canadian Council on Refugees spring consultation will focus on children and will be held May 22 – 24, 2008 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

For more information on this consultation (and other events) visit the CCR webpage on consultations and meetings here.

More funding announcements from the federal government

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Following on a post dated Fri Feb 22/08, more funding announcements from the federal government, including:

Feb 29/08 “Government of Canada announces funding to help newcomers settle in London, Ontario”.

March 7/08 “Government of Canada announces funding to help newcomers settle in Toronto“.  This funding was set for the YMCA Korean Community Services and the Korean Canadian Women’s Association KCWA Family and Social Services.

March 7/08 “Government of Canada announces funding to Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association“.

Manitoba CBC diversity scholarships

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

The Manitoba CBC are in their 5th year of awarding $500 scholarships to high school students in their final year of high school and planning to pursue journalism studies.

Eligible students are “youth who come from an ethnic or ancestral background that is a visible minority or Aboriginal” and who can best answer the essay question: “What is the role of the CBC in our community?“.

Prairie Metropolis Centre research grants

Monday, February 25th, 2008

The Prairie Metropolis Centre (PMC) is accepting applications for research grants for 2008-2009 from its PMC research affiliates. The PMC Family, Children and Youth Domain is described as follows:

“Immigration is a decision that is often taken not simply by an individual but by families. It is an investment in the future, both for the immigrant and for the host society, and often it is the outcomes of the children of immigrants and refugees or newcomer children themselves that are considered to be the best indicators of the success of an immigration or refugee program. Similarly, the outcomes achieved by all minorities – whether children, youth, families or individuals – are strong indicators of broad societal inclusion. This policy research priority will examine the consequences of migration to Canada for families, children and youth and will develop proposals for enhancing their success in the future”.

Deadline is April 30, 2008. For more information, see the PMC website.

Federal funding announcements galore!

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

There have been a rash of funding announcements from the federal government lately, including:

December 2007

Dec 17/07 “Minister Finley announces new federal commitments to help newcomers settle in Canada”, which includes a link to a handy at-a-glance chart showing the provincial/territorial breakdown of dollars from 05-06 to 08-09.

Dec 18/07 “Government of Canada supports Saskatchewan in attracting immigrants to the province”. Included in this announcement was the “Going to Canada” website that provides “links to information and services when planning a temporary stay or making Canada your new home”. The website is available in English and French. Not much info on children.

January 2008

Jan 7/08 “Government of Canada announces new funding for research on immigration and diversity”. The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Dr. Chad Gaffield, President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) jointly announced research funding of $7.5 million over five years for Metropolis, the Canadian arm of the international consortium of research centres on immigration and settlement.

Jan 18/08 “Government of Canada provides funding to help newcomers settle in the Peel region”. The funding will support the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group.

February 2008

Feb 1/08 “Government of Canada announces funding to help immigrants settle in Lethbridge“.

Feb 1/08 “Government of Canada joins partners in launching a Tool Box to help attract immigrants to smaller communities”. The Attracting and Retaining Immigrants: A Tool Box of Ideas for Smaller Centres was developed by the National Working Group on Small Centre Strategies.

Feb 8/08 “Government of Canada announces funding to help newcomers settle in the city of Toronto“. Included in this announcement, a mention of the Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO), established in 2007 to help support internationally trained individuals in having their credentials assessed, recognzied and to find work in their chosen field.

Feb 19/08 ” Government of Canada invests to help immigrants settle in St. John’s“. In this announcement, something about/for immigrant children! A 3-day event, entitled Sharing Our Cultures is an annual event held to promote cross-cultural awareness among children and teachers. This year it will be held to coincide with March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Feb 20/08 “Government of Canada provides funding to help newcomers settle in Brantford“.

Feb 20/08 “Government of Canada provides funding to the Learning Enrichment Foundation to help newcomers in Toronto“.

Feb 21/08 “Government of Canada announces funding to help attract francophone immigrants to New Brunswick“. Funding went to Société des Acadiens et Acadiennes du Nouveau-Brunswick (SAANB).

Feb 22/08 “Government of Canada provides funding to help newcomers in North Bay“.