Resources from BRYCS

A few resources posted during a recent discussion on child care for refugee families from the BRYCS listserv. BRYCS is the US-based organization Bridging Refugee Youth and Children’s Services

Enhancing Child Care for Refugee Self-Sufficiency: A Training Resource and Toolkit

Family, Friend and Neighbor Child Care Providers in Recent Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Harvard study on immigrant children in the US

The Harvard Graduate School of Education has released results of a 5 year study on immigrant children in the United States. Among the findings: immigrant girls tend to fare better than immigrant boys. A Newsweek article, reporting on the study, quotes researcher Marcelo Suarez-Orozco: “girls are able to retain some of the protective features of their native culture because they’re kept closer to the hearth while they maximize their acquisition of skills in the new culture by helping their parents navigate it“.

Related link: Immigration Studies @ NYU, devoted to the study of immigration with a focus on children, youth and families.

In Memoriam: Zelma Henderson, Brown v. Board of Education

Zelma Henderson, last surviving plaintiff of the historic Brown v. Board of Education case, died last week in Kansas. While Brown v. Board of Education was not a challenge to the right to education for immigrant or refugee children, it remains a pivotal event in the rights of minority children to education in the US and elsewhere.  There are many news reports: search on “zelma henderson brown v. board of education” in google, for example. Also, visit the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic website.